BAD Food! It Is Not The Real Thing!

Coke Label

After all these years, I am astounded that food corporations still use high fructose corn syrup.  And shocked that people still buy this lab created liquid.  Sorry, it’s time for some tough love.  You have to take care of your health.  Your good health is the greatest gift, blessing you will have in life.  Fame […]

Simple Living: The South’s Summer Sandwich

tomato sandwich actual size

Simple but so tasty!  The peak flavors of summer are bursting with personality in the USA southern style tomato sandwich.  Keep it easy…..sourdough bread, local grown tomatoes and good quality mayonnaise (but sure to read the labels!).  Easy Recipe: Peel tomatoes.  Slice.  Sprinkle lightly with salt.  Leave them alone about 30 minutes.  Generously smear mayo […]

Simple Living: “Perfection”? Who Cares!


Some people are doomed to fail before they start something new because they fear they will never be “perfect’.  Wrong mindset.  ‘Perfection’ is not the answer.  Do what you love everyday.  Your journey will be different than mine, but that is okay.  We are individual and supposed to create our own personal style.  Follow your […]

Mystery Food Monday: It’s Not Very Sexy

Corn actual size

The weekend, Monday and Monday night were really tough this week.  Monday night we had a midnight power outage while a family member was having serious breathing issues requiring a call to 911.  Today is more encouraging-thanks for your support.   That being said, each one of us must be our own health “care” system.  […]

What Happened? Something Is Wrong!

YT sauage video PIC

What happened?  Something is really wrong!  One of the reasons I started this blog is that I have more questions than answers. Something is not right.  More people are sicker and at younger ages.  Why?  The pharmaceutical industry has a drugs for just about anything.  It is shocking to count the number of commercials on […]

Weekend Birthdays Are the Best!

Jewelry MY wine cork necklace large size

Was an awesome birthday weekend… much food to share, laughter, great fun (and for all the beautiful bottles of wine-thank you-thank you very much!) The past year was  full of surprises and a few mysteries.  I anticipate even more this year!